Kellenberger Valuation Group
Truth in Valuation

Kellenberger Valuation Group
Truth in Valuation

Kellenberger Valuation Group
Truth in Valuation

Kellenberger Valuation Group
Truth in Valuation


Accuracy, efficiency, and integrity are the hallmarks of Kellenberger Valuation Group (KVG). Founded by Scott Kellenberger, KVG is known within the valuation industry for honest and dependable valuations, as well as superior attention to detail. These qualities have been our guiding principles for more than 20 years. With tremendous breadth of knowledge in valuation and cost segregation, KVG has provided expert valuation services in 33 states and across the globe for clients ranging from small investment groups to multi-national organizations. As an independent valuation consulting firm, KVG provides unbiased and solid valuation services in an efficient manner and for reasonable fees all while maintaining exceptional communication with clients to ensure the valuation is both accurate and serves the needs of the client. KVG produces reliable valuations that can be utilized by individuals and organizations across a diverse array of industries both domestic and international. Furthermore, our affiliation with MG Valuation provides our firm with an extensive network of appraisers allowing us to serve any valuation need anywhere in the world.

Our mission is simple–to provide expert valuation services to the complete satisfaction of our clients. From the first client meeting to the delivery of a final report, our goal is to exceed expectations every step of the way.

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Property Tax Valuation

Local jurisdictions levy taxes on real estate based on mass appraisal techniques resulting in disparate differences between the true market value of your property and the assessment. Worse yet, if your property is unique to a jurisdiction the assessor may employ techniques that result in a gross over assessment of your property. Contact us to discuss your specific situation and how we can help.

Donations & Estate Tax

The IRS requires a valuation by a qualified appraiser of all assets donated or transferred between generations. We are qualified appraisers experienced in donation and estate tax requirements. Contact us to learn more how we can provide cost effective, fully supportable, timely appraisals of your assets.

Cost Segregation

The IRS allows accelerated depreciation on certain qualifying property (IRC Section 1245) constructed or acquired by users or direct investors in commercial real estate saving the taxpayer multiples of the cost of the required cost segregation study. Contact us to learn more and get a free personalized cost/benefit analysis.

Who We Serve

We serve a diverse array of corporate users, developers, legal advisors, tax consultants, accountants, financial institutions, and individual investors. Click here for a full list or contact us to speak to an experienced valuation expert to discuss your specific needs.

Scott at Kellenberger Valuation Group was very responsive to our appraisal needs, meeting our strict deadlines to file for Low Income Housing Tax Credits. We have used Kellenberger Valuation Group on a couple of projects and will continue to work with them in the future.
Que El-Amin Scott Crawford, Inc.
Nice work on this - thank you! . . . We will definitely be in touch if there are ongoing real estate purchases by our Company.
CFO Pioneer Holdings Inc.



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